Bridal Beauty Natural Looks - How to Achieve It

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Ever since you were a little girl, you've been dreaming of a fairytale wedding as you walk down the aisle looking like a Disney princess. Am I right, or am I RIGHT? These days, celebrities are embracing the most natural and radiant looks for their big day, and we are so in love with the fact that we don't have to be the part of their world to look posh. Here are some tips on how you can achieve the same natural, yet classy bridal look, and feel like you're about to cover the latest issue of Vogue.


Less is more

If you have witnessed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal ceremony, then you have probably noticed how her makeup look was the number one trending topic, before she even exchanged vows with her hubby. She proved to the world that simplicity speaks volumes. 

To achieve Meghan's ultimate soft glam look, all you need is a makeup pro that will emphasize your naturally gorgeous features and conceal the imperfections. Get your brows slightly defined, put on subtle fake lashes and go for the neutral brown eyeshadow. For the final touch, coat your lips with a tinted lip balm and voila! Your inner Meghan is ready to dance the night away. Also, for the healthy glow look, play with some highlighter and a sheer lipgloss.

Skincare routine

In the world of a future bride, this includes several facialist appointments, exfoliating cleansing masks and many other treatments months before the wedding. All the makeup products are worthless without previously taking good care of your skin. Every bride-to-be tends to prep her skin with different beauty procedures. An Australian fashion influencer, Nicole Warner, admitted she had spent some serious cash on her wedding preps, and didn't feel guilty at all. She became so extra with the preparations, that she even had a facial on the same day she got married. This isn't odd at all, since Aussie girls are known for regularly protecting their skin from the sun or anything that can cause wrinkles and premature aging. That's why most of them hurry to take anti wrinkle injections in Darwinto prolong their youthful appearance. It's not like you're getting married every single day, right? 

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Frost yourselves ladies

We totally agree that a smile is the best accessory a girl can wear, but complementing your looks with some minimalistic jewellery would be amazing. Add a subtle charm with some silver stud, or teardrop glass earrings, and a Cartier inspired cuff bracelet. You don't need a lot of jewellery for your wedding day, 'cause your dress is the one to steal the spotlight. If you happen to wear a simple gown with a little cleavage, you could opt for the silver charm necklace along with minimal earrings and a bracelet. Or, you can put on a nice, elegant watch.

Nalied it!

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Picking your bridal manicure style shouldn’t be a tough task. For the brides who like to stick to the classic, pale blush colours are perfect. Neutral shades can do no wrong, and your mani and padi always look fresh and neat. Pamper your feet a week before the wedding with some softening lotions and creams, ‘cause no one likes seeing a beautiful bride with cracked heels. Do the same with your hands and your entire body, and get ready to shine.  

Get a tan

Your natural skin tone is perfect just the way it is, but if you’d like some bronzy shine, then do some self-tanning experiments a few months before the big day. Hire a professional spray tanner, because you need someone you can trust for the most important event in your life. 

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The ultimate hair goals

If you want to show the world you're a modern bride and ditch the traditional hairstyles, then learn to play with some waves and braids. For the simple and casual look, choose the low messy bun. If you are a hopeless romantic go for the milkmaid braid. To achieve the ultimate VS bombshell look, you'll need a hot tool. Not long ago, Russian supermodels Vita Sidorkina and Kate Grigorieva wore loose, tucked-behind-ears waves for their wedding, and they looked dreamy! Therefore, get yourself a great hairdresser and experiment with your bridal hair. 

So, are you excited about your final countdown? Clear your thoughts, do some yoga, get a massage and indulge the priceless moments!

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