Top 3 Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

Breaking down your wedding budget can be hard, and sticking to it - even harder. But we've got some expert advice for couples who want to hear wedding bells while staying within budget. 

Whether you're planning an intimate elopement, or a sizeable celebration, our top three wedding planning tips will ensure your big day will be beautiful and budget-friendly. 

1. Decide Upon Your Budget First

Before couples begin their wedding planning, we recommend that they first sit down and decide upon the amount they would ideally like to spend on their wedding day. If their parents wish to contribute to the wedding, it is a good idea to speak about how much they would like to pitch in before the planning begins. 

By settling on a budget early, it will help guide the decision making throughout the planning process. It will also allow couples to calculate a savings plan, so that they can successfully fund their special day (sans the added interest from credit cards).

2. Prioritise What Matters Most

Take time to consider which aspects of the wedding day are most important to you both. Write down the aspects that matter most, and note the things you are both willing to be flexible with. 

Would you be happy to walk the aisle without a live musician, but would love some ceremony styling? Or maybe you'd love to host more guests at your reception, so you would be happier for a more affordable menu option - or vice versa. 

Keeping a list of priorities on hand throughout the planning process will help guide couples when they are settling any conflicting costs. By compromising on some aspects of their wedding, they allow themselves to invest in the elements that matter to them most. 

3. Weigh In On Your Venue Options

Statistics show that a wedding reception accounts for roughly 50 per cent of the overall wedding cost. It's important that couples assess which wedding venue will be the best fit for their style preferences and their budget.  

Pay particular interest to what the venue can offer within their package inclusions, as these small extras can lead to big savings. For example, what decor and styling does the venue offer in-house? Do they include centrepieces, tea lights, mirror bases, or chair sashes? Is there a room hire or cleaning fee? Is AV included, or will you need to hire a sound system and microphones? 

If you are flexible with your date, many venues offer special packages for off-peak seasons such as summer and winter. On a similar thread, if you are open to a range of catering options, many venues can also offer more budget-friendly menus; such as a high tea menu, or a two course dinner menu with your wedding cake served for dessert. 

We hope our these tips help you plan the wedding of your dreams, without the hefty price tag. 

Until next time... 

Written by Rachel Westbury. Image by Jason Briscoe. 

Written by Rachel Westbury. Image by Jason Briscoe.