Make Your First Dance Something To Remember


One of the sweetest traditions of a wedding is the first dance of the newlyweds. But this can also be quite a nerve-wrecking thing for the bride and groom, especially if they are not dancers. Unless you are professional dancers, you shouldn’t expect your first dance to be a spontaneous masterpiece: it should be a well planned, practiced and choreographed dance, and this is how to make sure it’s just perfect:

                  Research and get inspired

There are so many different styles of dance; the only option is for you to start researching. Look at different first dance videos, ask around with your friends and family, and see what is out there. You can go for a standard, timeless English waltz, a retro quickstep or jive, and even something completely modern and contemporary. However, while looking, make sure you don’t fall in love with someone else’s interpretation of the dance, but rather try to imagine yourself performing it. Does it suit your style and your abilities and will you feel good doing it?

                  Get the pros involved

Nobody is born knowing how to dance. It is a skill that is trained and developed over time, but if you never learned to dance while you were younger, you might feel like you are completely clumsy and uncoordinated. But you have to remember that all of that is just a lack of practice, and the best thing you can do is enroll in some adult dance classes that will help you get your rhythm in check. Your best bet is to go through a series of group classes to learn the basics of dancing, and work privately with a choreographer to make your vision come to life. Start early, get enough practice in, and most definitely practice by yourselves at home, and not just in class. With an activity as fun as dancing – why wouldn’t you?

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                  Pick the perfect song

Music is one of the most emotionally stimulating arts, and we all have songs that hold special places in our hearts. Set one evening aside and make a playlist of all of your favorite songs. Make sure you include all the songs that have special meanings for each of you, and songs that you both love. Then listen to the playlist and see what songs feel right. Make a selection that consists of two to five songs and take them to your dance teacher. They will be able to tell you which songs work well for what you want, and which should be saved for another occasion. If you are having a live band, make sure you tell them the song choice well in advance, so that they have time to rehearse it, and ask them to notify you if they will make any changes to the rhythm or tempo.

                  Plan the scene

The first dance is not only about the dance itself. It is usually the first entry of the couple and the first steps they take together as husband and wife. For this reason, it is important to not only plan the dance, but the entry and exit, and all of the props. Will you walk in, hand in hand, while a smoke machine covers the floor? Or will you enter the room on the opposite sides and meet in the middle for a swift twirl? And when the dance comes to a close, should your guests then join you on the dance floor, or will you walk to your table and wait for the speeches to finish until you reopen the dance season?


Your first dance will be a wonderful memory for both of you, and even if you forget your steps, step on each other’s toes and completely go off-beat, you will still smile when you look at each other and laugh at the beautiful time you are spending together. Make sure the dance is video recorded, so you can watch it again down the line and remember that moment from your special day.


By Georgia Selih

What You Wish You Had Known Before You Planned Your Wedding


What You Wish You Had Known Before You Planned Your Wedding


Your wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration of love and commitment with your partner. To plan this auspicious one-day celebration, you should do a proper planning; otherwise, you may end up regretting some of the things all through your life.


There are many people who wish that someone could have told or reminded them of certain things before their wedding day.


Here are some of the things to take note of to make sure that your wedding day is perfect and will be a lovely event to remember.




1.      Making Decisions


There are people who don’t like to make personal decisions when it comes to their own wedding. They don’t want to decide when and where to go for shopping, what kind of silverware should be on the table and all the other little details. They leave all of the decision-making to the wedding planner and then find out that there are things that they don’t like. When it comes to making decisions for your wedding, remember:


·      It is essential to know what you want and don't want when it comes to your wedding.

·      It’s your special day, and you have to make individual decisions to make sure that things will go as perfect as possible.


2.      Splurge on the Most Important Things


Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You want to make sure that you’ll have beautiful memories about it. So, in the process of scrutinizing every little detail of your wedding, you might become too stressed out. Don’t worry. Tackle one thing at a time.


·      Remember to make a checklist so that you won’t leave anything out.

·      Regardless of your budget, you should focus on the things you will remember the most. Don’t stress about the rest.

·      You can select a place which is affordable enough to accommodate your close friends and family members.

·      With the help of a wedding planner, you can break a deal and come up with top-notch arrangements, perfect wedding cake, and food.

·      Splurge on the essential things while remaining thrifty with the less important ones.



3.      Thoroughly Explain What You Want to Service Providers


Even if the service providers are recommended by your wedding planner or by someone you know, make sure that everything is according to your liking. For example:


·      Discuss the songs you want to be played in each part of the wedding with your DJ.


·      To be precise, you can request for a video portfolio of their previous performances.


·      In this way, you will know how they perform live. This prevents any confusion like playing music from different genres and other wedding announcement mistakes.

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4.      Make a Checklist


Similar to the point above, you should make checklists and ensure that all the service providers know how you want things to happen. Instead of regretting afterward, you can make it perfect by thinking things through and making checklists. For example:


·      You can create different checklists like a photo list for the wedding day.

·      You can have a collection of diagrams for a better understanding of the event.

·      You can make checklists for various other things related to your wedding.

·      You can save them to Dropbox, Evernote, or your wedding folder, and use them as needed.


5.      Skip the Rituals That Don’t Matter To You


There are some rituals that don't matter or are not really required.


·      The “bouquet throwing” ritual in which the bride throws the bouquet and other bridesmaids or female guests tries to catch it, may be relevant to some and not really for you. If you do not like this ritual, know that you have to option to skip that.


You should not feel obliged to include anything because it was on someone else’s wedding template or just because it is a tradition.


6.      Don’t Break Your Ankle Right Before Your Wedding Day


Just before your wedding, do not indulge in unnecessary, unusual, or dangerous activities. Even if it is a fun or enjoyable sport, you should avoid it. Can you imagine yourself walking down the aisle with a crutch? Of course not, so try to avoid anything that may cause accidents. As a friendly advice:


·      You should not stress.

·      Take care of yourself. If you do so, your wedding day will be fantastic.

·      Regardless of the level of preparations, if you are well and healthy, everything will happen beautifully.



In a nutshell:


These are some of the things that you should know before your wedding. Most people do not see these things and end up unnecessarily stressed-out.  Hence, savor the most beautiful day of your life. It’s your special day. Do your best to enjoy every moment of it.



Anthony Briggs


Anthony Briggs has worked with some of the major hotel chains in the world. He currently works for Tuki Retreat. He enjoys working in the hospitality industry and is dedicated to providing clients with the best accommodation experience available. 


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