Get to know one of Brisbane's most well known celebrants, Neal Foster

Here at Boulevard Gardens we have a number of outstanding Celebrants, however Neal Foster is one of a kind. We were lucky enough to meet with him and ask a few questions about his tips, tricks, and knowledge on all things in the Wedding Industry. 

Neal is an affordable, male Civil Marriage Celebrant and has been authorised since 2007 - this year being his 10th birthday!

Neal's couples enjoy not only their wedding day but the whole experience - he ensures that it's as stress free as possible, starting with the initial consultation in the comfort of your own home. 

Why did you choose to become a Celebrant? 

I've always had an interest in the Wedding Industry. At the beginning of my 20's I used to go and watch weddings, purely for enjoyment - and was asking friends and family, "If you have a wedding, can I come and watch". It wasn't until 11 years ago, my wife inspired him to apply for my celebrant licence and start living my dream, which was seeing and helping couples on the most special day of their lives. 

How many weddings have you performed in your career? 

A government survey was conducted in 2017 stating that 55% of celebrants perform 1 to 9 ceremonies a year, 31% perform 10 to 50, and only 5% perform more than 50 weddings.

As a celebrant I fall into the (drum roll........) 5% category where I perform more than 50 weddings a year, and in my whole career I have performed a total of 700 weddings! 

What was your favourite memory and why?

It's impossible to choose just one memory. I am so fortunate to have met so many lovely couples, I become so invested in their lives from the moment I meet them. The professional relationship I build with my clients lasts a lifetime - I'm lucky enough to keep in contact and continue to follow their journey for years to come. 

What Guidance do you give to your couples before their wedding day? 

As I am a man of many talents, and for the past 10 years working in the wedding industry, my knowledge on weddings is vast! Having built relationships with various wedding suppliers, I understand what they do, why they do it, the timing, what not to do, etc.... So feel free to ask away!!! 

From a celebrants perspective you will receive a 1 hour appointment where I will run through all of the exciting and important aspects of your day and how other suppliers and the venues work, choosing a ceremony option to suit your needs, discussing all of your wedding requirements, complete necessary paperwork, and I will also provide you with all of the nitty gritty details such as; how to stand, where to stand, how you are given away, where to position yourself when getting photos, ways to calm your nerves before your big day and much more! 

After your initial consultation, along the way I will provide you with a copy of your wedding ceremony prior to the day, a printed wedding certificate, and a rehearsal so everyone understands their role. Oh, and don't worry ladies, I will be sure to dress to fit in with the style of your wedding!!!

What advice would you give to future couples in selecting a Celebrant?

Picking a celebrant can be a very hard decision, but selecting the right celebrant will make your wedding day that little more special, and stress free. 

My top four tips would be to: 

1. Pick the most experienced celebrant, a celebrant who does weddings every week will be more confident and know what to do to ensure things go smoothly. 

2. When you have chosen your top 2 to 3 celebrants, ensure you check their website, social media platforms to get a feel for what their style is and previous couples comments. 

3. Normally celebrants with a large number of testimonials/reviews are most likely the more professional, experienced and loveable. 

4. If a celebrant is busy and booked out, then you know they are good at what they do,  which means you should lock in a date ASAP to avoid dissappoinment. 

What general advice would you give to a future bride and groom?  

My personal advice for a future bride and groom are to:

1. Hire professionals.

2. Plan as much as you can.

3. And on the day, do the best you can to relax, and let the people you've hired to do what their good at!


Well that wraps up our question and answers! If you would like to enquire or have any further questions, please feel free to contact myself on 0408 977 966, or visit my website: 

We hope these tips help you choose a perfect celebrant for your special day. 

Until next time....