Must-Have Wedding Photos You Don't Want To Miss

         Twenty, thirty, forty years down the line, you will sit with your wedding album in your lap and think back on that day – one of the happiest days of your life. And that’s really what it should be. But you won’t think about the late wedding invitations, the fondant on the cake that wasn’t the exact right shade of lilac or the forgotten speech; you will remember only the good moments with the help of your photographs. And you want to make sure that they capture all the moments, so even when your memory fades, you will have something to remind you.

                  The preparation

Whether it’s in your own home, in a hotel suite or at your best friend’s house, getting ready for the big day with all of your best friends and dearest family around you will create such a special atmosphere that you will definitely want to capture. The laughter as you are remembering old memories and talking about the embarrassing moments from childhood, the first look in the mirror with your hair and makeup done, the getting into the dress, the tears when you put on the veil will all be precious memories. Ideally, you will have more than one photographer, so that you can capture the preparations of both the groom and the bride.

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                  The first look

Seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day is perhaps one of the most emotional moments of the day. Even if you don’t believe in the superstition of the “it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding”, the tradition is there for a reason, and you will cry when you see your significant other looking so beautiful. Make sure your photographer captures both the moments just before you see each other and the first look – ideally from multiple angles.

                  Out in nature

Even if your ceremony and after-party are taking place indoors, you still want to get some pictures outside. And the best photos will be at the best locations, which is why you want a photographer who knows the area well. If you are taking pictures in the Royal Botanical Gardens, you want to find the perfect Sydney wedding photographer who knows exactly where to take you. If it’s a colder season, make sure you have appropriate clothing that will match your wedding attire, and keep you warm enough. It’s also a great time to bring your friends and family and take some group photos.

                  Large group photos

It’s not always easy to coordinate a hundred (or a couple hundred) people for a group photo, but it’s not impossible. Use the moments like the ceremony, the speech or the first dance to your advantage, and get some aerial shots. If you want to take it up a notch, you can have all of your guests form a big heart or some other shape, or have everyone surround the couple and reach their hands out towards them. You will enjoy knowing that people who care about you were there to make the day magical.




What makes a wedding so special are all the small touches that are given months of attention beforehand – from the perfect bouquet, the welcome bags and party favors, to the table décor and the flower petals tossed along the aisle. Make sure you also get pictures of the invitations before you send them out, the cake before it’s cut and the newlyweds’ table before anyone sits behind it. It is all of these details that will remind you of the overall atmosphere, and give you great references if you ever want to share some wedding ideas with someone else.


When choosing your photographer, make sure it’s someone you can easily communicate with and someone you trust. Keep in mind that every photographer has a different style, so if you look at their portfolio and love the pictures, but want a different style, you’ll be better off finding someone who specializes in that style. Book them well in advance to make sure they are available on the big day and talk them through all of the shots you want. It’s also a good idea to take them to see the venue before the event, so that they can create a plan for all the shots. Most importantly, you have to try and forget they’re there, and just smile from the heart.


Written by: Georgia Selih