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Although having a wild bachelorette party is a long-standing tradition, brides, or more specifically bridesmaids have, in recent years, come up with new ‘pre-tie-the-knot’ extravaganzas. Some include taking their girl for a weekend getaway that they’ll never forget, and then there’s the incredible pre-marital spa experience. In our book, this might just be the best way to not only make the bride happy, but relaxed before the big day, as we all know how stressful wedding planning can be, and your gal surely deserves some pampering after all the work she’s done. Therefore, today we present you with some spectacular spa bachelorette ideas that will help you all unwind, relax and be fully prepared, fresh, rejuvenated and calm for the big day. 

The most important of all 

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Every wedding planner as well as a dermatologist will tell you that it’s paramount for the bride to have a quality facial at least a week before her wedding. When it comes to getting that ethereal bridal beauty glow, nothing beats a good facial – some mechanical cleansing, a facial massage and a gentle peel. If you’re short on time and you can’t afford a full-blown spa weekend, you can surely squeeze in two hours in her busy schedule and surprise her with a great facial at one of the best local spas. To make things more fun, book a session for all, as bridesmaids deserve to look their most flawless as well and with a nice brunch or a round of drinks in the evening, it will be a complete day. 

Get this party started 

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If you have the imagination and the resources, there is absolutely nothing that can beat an at-home spa experience. If you want to go big, remember Blair Waldorf and her annual sleepovers and take cues from that. You can all get dressed up, start with a few drinks and have beds set up so you can have an incredible bonding night. This can be a combination of a spa night, a bachelorette party and a bridal shower. You can bring gifts, order food and mix up some cocktails. Now, in order to have a great spa night, you need to get a ton of goodies – exfoliators, face masks, pampering lotions, eye creams, serums, – the entire gang, and the amazing Neostrata skincare linehas got you completely covered. You can dance around in your robes or lingerie, have your own private party with masks on your face, take loads of silly pictures, and if you get a little tipsy and dance the night away, so be it. This is, after all, a spa night with extras. Don’t forget to come up with bachelorette party games to spice up the evening – this is an honored tradition that should not be forgotten. 

The stressed out bride 

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If you have a bride on your hands whose wedding planning really took a toll on her, you need to rescue her and give her some supreme pampering like she’s never had before. Whisk her away to one of the best, most luxurious spa retreats in the country, and settle for nothing less than a long weekend, because all that tension needs to be removed and it will take more than two days to do so. Start light, by booking a great facial, and then proceed with booking chakra-balancing massages that, for instance, Crown Metropol Isika Spa offers. Get rid of all the tension and feel your bodies realign. Spa resorts, of course, offer more than just massages and facials and as this is your weekend, you should make the absolute most of it. Spend some quality time in the amazing pools, unwind in the pool chairs and let the drinks just keep on coming while you lie comfortably in your robes. You’re in the lap of luxury – enjoy every second of it. Of course, by no means, should you miss spending some great detox time in the sauna, and if you feel like you could use a little movement, there is always a little time to hit the gym. The weekend is long, so there is no need to skip anything the resort has to offer, including luxurious meals that you can have at their superb restaurant. This can be done on your final evening – a classy dinner with drinks; now that you’re all rejuvenated and pampered, it’s time to put your best dresses on, head down to the restaurant, and have a spectacular dinner to celebrate your gal who will in no time become an old married lady. 

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Any of these options will give your bride the experience she will never forget and she will be eternally thankful to you for helping her in her ‘hour of need’. Even though each option is as great as the next one, it’s ultimately a matter of preference – do you want to go low key, go for a DIY night that will show how much effort you put in, or a full-blown spa extravaganza? It’s up to you to decide, but worry not, whichever door you decide to open, you won’t get it wrong, because we promised you great ideas and these truly are. 

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