Pampering Activities to Share With Your Bridesmaids

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The wedding day is approaching and you are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. Of course, you are more than thrilled to finally say “I do” to the love of your life, and to celebrate with your loved ones till the morning, but there is so much to be done until the big day. Preparations for a wedding day are in no way easy and you have a million and one things on your mind, the dress, the venue, the flowers… Your girlfriends know how much you need some stress-free time and they would also love for all of you to enjoy some pampering time. 

That is why we bring you a few tips on how to unwind with your bridesmaids so that all of you could look and feel the best on the wedding day.

Girls’ night in

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Cute matching pajamas, a couple of favorite romantic comedies and a lot of homemade popcorn are an absolute must for a proper night in with your favorite girls. To relax even more and rejuvenate your skin (which has also been suffering from all the stress), make sure to include some skincare time. So, get the movie playing, get the popcorn ready and grab those refreshing face masks and nourishing body scrubs.  

You can go with the face masks that you have already tried out and loved or you can give a go to some simple and all-natural DIY masks. You can find really great ones that are easy to make and include ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, and organic bananas. In addition, don’t forget about refreshing eye patches, so that all the puffiness and dark circles can be erased. An additional plus is most certainly that these patches look a bit funny when on the face, so making a group photo of all the girls with them will spark much laughter. Finally, apply brightening vitamin C serum and a hydrating moisturizer to finish off the face skincare process.

As for the body, have some fun and make DIY body scrubs, which have an incredibly soothing effect on your skin. Just the process of making these scrubs will be an adventure of its own, filled with laughter and joy. Get some old-school pop music playing in the background and don’t forget to Instagram a couple of photos so that you and your bridesmaids would always have a reminder of this lovely and special night.

Girls on a wellness retreat

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Your body, your skin, and your mind need time to reenergize and be at their best for the wedding. Therefore, calming meditation hours, uplifting yoga classes and luxurious spa treatmentsare exactly what you and your best friends need. You can opt to go to a wellness retreat that is nearby, or you can decide for a bit more exotic destination. In Hong Kong, for example, it is incredibly easy to book a spa treatment, as everything is technology-oriented and all you need is an app and a few taps on your smartphone. Additionally, you can use the time on this trip to explore this futuristic city and get an insight into how Asian women achieve having such beautiful skin. Moreover, if you are a fan of Asian cuisine, do not miss to have a group lunch and try some of the amazing local food.

Another great choice for a faraway wellness retreat is Los Angeles. Although at first, you may associate this city with entertainment and Hollywood, Los Angeles is actually also famous for its holistic centers. The approach which has in its focus the health of not only your body but your mind and spirit as well could be much helpful for you and all your friends to recharge and regain your balance. You can use the time in LA to enjoy infrared saunas, sound bath, acupuncture and more. This wellness retreat will help you to relax and also have lots of fun with your bridesmaids. You must take a few photos while on the trip, so why not use the time to have a group selfie in front of the well-known Paul Smith’s Pink Wall and also pay a visit to a few other Instagram-worthy spots in Los Angeles. This way, you will get the most out of your trip, both unwinding during spa treatments as well as having the best time while exploring a different city.

Ultimately, whether you opt for a night in, a day at a close-by spa or a relaxing, but at the same time adventurous wellness retreat, the time you spend with your bridesmaids will be beneficial for your well-being. All the positive energy and love will make you feel exceptionally pampered and lucky to be surrounded by such amazing friends. 

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