Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas You Can Always Rely On

Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be quite a nerve-wracking and complicated venture, especially when the invitation is vague and the guest attire is not specified. The most important thing to remember is that while it is perfectly fine to look stylish and striking, you never want to distract from the couple or draw attention for all the wrong reasons. So, here are some fail-safe wedding guest outfit ideas that are as fashionable as they are gorgeous, yet still perfectly appropriate for every season and every wedding style:

An elegant jumpsuit

Jumpsuit Fashion Wedding Ceremony

Unexpected and distinctive, yet still chic, fashionable and entirely appropriate, you can never go wrong with an elegant jumpsuit. It lengthens your physique, makes you look sleek and polished without even trying, and depending on the style and the fabric you opt for, it can be worn to any occasion imaginable. For example, a cotton or crepe culotte jumpsuit is ideal for summer weddings, particularly casual, outdoor ones, while a silk or satin wide leg jumpsuit is the perfect option for more formal ordeals, as well as autumn and winter weddings, especially when it’s paired with a staple blazer or even a chic long coat and a pair of nude stilettos.

A feminine slip dress

When you simply don’t know what to wear, a slip dress is always an excellent idea. It is sleek and sexy, while still being simple and elegant enough to be worn to any type of wedding imaginable. As long as you are mindful of the hemline and make sure it isn’t too short, you can wear a feminine slip dress to a casual soirée or even a formal event, and the best part is that you can easily find your ideal slip dress in any great online fashion store. Whether you wear it alone with a pair of strappy heels and a neutral clutch during the summer, or throw a trench coat or an elegant winter coat over it during the colder months and pair it with some staple stilettos, you can truly never go wrong with a stylish slip dress.

A cute midi skirt

Fashion Wedding Ceremony Indooroopilly Brisbane

Although more appropriate for semi-formal and more relaxed weddings, pleated midi skirts are always a great option, as they give an air of sophistication and elegance to any look, while still being fashionable and feminine. Easily paired with anything from a flowy tank top or blouse to a classic button-down shirt, or even a chic blazer or a classic trench coat, a cute midi skirt can be worn during any season, as long as it’s styled correctly. Combine it with a pair of high heels and your favorite elegant bag that will tie the whole look together, and you have the ideal wedding guest outfit.

Sleek silk trousers

Elegant and sophisticated, yet stylish and appropriate, high-waisted, wide leg silk trousers are the perfect option for any wedding, especially when you don’t feel like wearing skirts and dresses. Whether you pair them with a silky tank top or even a crop top for more casual events, or opt for a button-down shirt and a classic blazer for formal weddings, silk trousers will always look sleek and polished. Simply add some neutral high heels, an elegant clutch and some statement earrings, and this wedding guest outfit is bound to be a choice you can always rely on.

A beautiful pastel suit

Wedding Ceremony Fashion Brisbane Indooroopilly

Whether it’s a relaxed outdoor gathering or a conservative church event, a chic suitit always a good idea, especially when it’s in a striking pastel shade. Easily dressed up with a silky top, a pair of chic heels and some statement jewelry, a dashing pantsuit is the perfect alternative to dresses. Just make sure to choose a suit with elegant tailoring, in order to look fashionable and appropriate for any wedding, and this ensemble will undoubtedly earn you the best dressed guess status.

At the end of the day, you can never go wrong by wearing your most trusted smart outfit when you don’t know what to wear to a wedding. It’s your favourite combination for a reason, and it undoubtedly does something that other outfits simply don’t, so never doubt your love for it, or the beauty and confidence that shines when you are wearing it.