Top 5 Groom's Fashion Trends for 2017

One of the most important parts of your wedding day is how you're dressed when you're ready to say, "I do." Although the bride will be the centre of attention with her wedding gown, you'll also stand out and get plenty of attention. If you want to look stylish and trendy as a groom, there are a few fashion trends to model for 2017.




Navy Suits

Navy suits look sleek and stylish compared to the traditional black or white suit that is typically worn at weddings. Navy suits pop when paired with colours that include blush and ivory when you want to still look masculine at the romantic event. With a pair of brown shoes and a white bow tie, you'll look sleek and presentable for your bride. Those who want to stand out even more and are getting married in the spring or summer season can opt for an electric blue suit that makes more of a statement.


Single-Breasted Jackets

Single-breasted jackets are one of the latest trends for men because they're slimming and structured, creating a sharp look when you want to look polished on your wedding day. Sack style jackets are also available with single-breasted jackets, making them comfortable to wear for different body types. Because they're meant to be worn buttoned-up for a more formal look, two to three buttons are often used.


Burgundy Wedding Suits

Burgundy wedding suits are also increasing in popularity for their bold colour shade that will draw just as much attention to the groom. The unique colour shade will allow you to mix or match with your wedding party and looks ideal when the groomsmen wear gray suits. You can also match the bold suit with navy suits for your groomsmen to prevent it from looking too dramatic.





Slim Suits

Slim suits are incredibly slick and will allow you to feel confident when standing at the end of the aisle as you wait for your bride to appear. In past years, men have opted to wear baggy pants that are roomy but are straying towards slim pants that look sharp and will allow you to look fit. The style is youthful and will allow you to look slender when you want to have a fitted suit that complements your body type.

Skinny Ties

When you want to embrace a retro look that is a blast from the past, consider wearing a skinny tie to create an edgy style that will allow you to look cool on your wedding day. Slim ties are a step up from traditional ties and will allow you to wear a unique accessory that is eye-catching. Choose a skinny tie colour that is neutral to prevent the tie from looking too bold with your suit. A black or gray tie can complement different colours of suits and will work as the main focal point of the outfit.


You should feel confident and masculine on your wedding day, making it necessary to research the latest trends in the wedding industry for grooms. When it comes to your attire, it's important to choose accessories or a specific suit that looks bold and will allow you to turn heads while standing next to your bride.

Author bio: Ivette works in Digital Marketing at POLITIX, a leading Australian-based brand that specialises in contemporary men's fashion clothing. POLITIX is known for their original design, expertise in fit, tailoring, and ultra attention to detail.

Written by Ivette. Produced by Jessica Kennedy.