Small vs. Large Weddings

When you first start planning a wedding, there are so many things to decide that it can be a little overwhelming. One of the biggest decisions to make is the guest list. Here at Boulevard Gardens, we offer wedding packages to cater for all size parties, big or small. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to the size of their wedding, so if you're still unsure whether you should go big or go small, here are some tips for knowing which to choose.




For some people, grand, sweeping weddings are all the rage. With more guests than you can count on two hands and enough smiles to last for a life time, these style of weddings are sure to get even the shyest guests into their party shoes. When your guest list starts to push into the hundreds, it's guaranteed to be quite an affair, although certainly not for the faint-hearted. Large weddings may be too much for some people, but they will certainly be remembered for many years to come.




Perhaps you want a small, more intimate event, with only your closest family and friends. Although not as grand as some large-scale weddings, a smaller function provides a cosier environment for those who attend, making it all the more special. It is more likely that everyone will know each other and get along well, removing the drama that some people associate with weddings. Smaller weddings are also more cost effective. If you are on a tight budget, it might be more realistic to plan for a small wedding that is within your desired price range.

Written by Jessica Kennedy.