The inside life of a Chef at Boulevard Gardens

Here at Boulevard Gardens, we pride ourselves on not only our providing our lovely couples and guests with beautiful locations for their special day, but also on the quality of the food we produce. Not long ago we sat down with Vincent, the chef here at Boulevard Gardens, to talk about all things food.


How long have you been a chef for and where did you complete your apprenticeship? 

After graduating high school in my hometown - Malaysia, I decided I wanted to pursue my career as a Chef, as cooking is something i've always had a passion and talent for. I was lucky to receive a full-time apprenticeship straight after high school. With all of the sweat and tears (only from cutting onions...) came a tonne of knowledge, and I graduated as a Chef when I was 19 years of age. After my apprenticeship I was lucky enough to score a position at a 5 star hotel in Malaysia. I gained a lot of knowledge, tips, experience, and tricks from the best in the Industry. I say the "best" in the industry, as the Executive Chefs came from Europe to work with us from the very beginning. With a lot of hard work, a lot of competition and a lot of hurdles to overcome, I ended up excelling in my career and have continued to succeed ever since. 

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What are your top 3 favourite dishes from Boulevard Gardens?

I think that's a very difficult question, as every single dish at Boulevard Gardens is mouth-watering, fresh and unique. A lot of time, effort and love goes into each dish at Boulevard, but if I had to choose, I would say: 

1. Wild Barramundi; topped with macadamia nut and pesto crust. 

2. The Vegetarian Risotto. 

3. Either the Chocolate Mousse; topped with raspberries OR the Baked New York Cheesecake. 


What is your favourite ingredient to work with? 

Growing up, I thought salt belonged in a shaker at the table, and nowhere else. I always used to think that salt was the strangest, most unusual thing in the world. Since working as a Chef, and experiencing first-hand the transformative power of salt, that's when I realised that it is an essential ingredient whilst working in the kitchen. Like I tell my colleagues, "No salt, no cooking". 


What's the most important part of your job?

There are many "important" parts of my job, especially as a Chef! However, the most crucial elements of my work are timing and accuracy. 

Written by Chloe. Produced by Jessica Kennedy.