Five Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Wedding Jewellery

When it comes to wedding planning, most brides-to-be get over-excited to choose the most elegant wedding gowns, but, they tend to ignore or consider the jewellery as an afterthought. This is a big mistake! The right jewellery will have the power to either make you stand out or ruin your entire look on your special day. Therefore, it is important to lay just as much emphasis on the jewellery as you do when picking the right dress for the occasion. Here are the five grave mistakes that most brides make when choosing wedding jewellery.

1. Never Pick out Your Jewellery Before the Dress

Always pick your dress first before you can think of the jewels to go with it. Deciding which dress to wear can be daunting. For that reason, starting with the jewels will narrow down your options for a good dress. It is natural to want to have that unique or exotic jewellery appearing on your wedding photo album. However, pick out the dress and match your favourite jewellery with it. This will save you the time and stress of trying out dress after dress based on the design or colour of particular jewellery.

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2. Don’t Try to Match Your Jewellery to Your Dress

Most wedding dresses feature a single plain colour, mostly white, silver or metallic. Choosing white jewellery to go with a white dress will have little to no effect on your overall look. Spruce up things a bit by picking subtly contrasting jewels. You may also add colour splashes and a touch of tribal to accent your look.

If you have to match your jewellery and the dress, a silver-white pair will auger well. You may also consider a metallic match if that’s your preferred theme colour. A point to note is that your choice of wedding jewellery should be something that you can wear comfortably after the wedding.

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3. Ensure that Jewellery is On Your Wedding to Do List

Planning a wedding is seldom a piece of cake. Therefore, picking out a good jewellery will most likely divert your mind from the stress associated with wedding planning. Try to include them in your to-do list weeks or months prior to the wedding. This way you’ll avoid the last minute rush, which would more often than not lead you to a poor jewellery choice.

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4. Try to Upstage the Dress

One aspect to keep in mind is never to let your jewellery outshine your dress. In most cases, the dress often leaves more of an impression than a precious jewel. The jewels will play a complementary role in enhancing your look. Therefore, plough all your time into searching for the perfect dress rather than the jewellery. Wedding photos will always be viewed long after the wedding, therefore, a timeless and classic design would be a good way of maintaining elegance through time.


5. Choosing Several Pieces of Jewellery At a Go

When it comes to wedding jewellery, more isn’t always better. Having necklaces, earrings, clutch bags, and bracelets crammed up all together can make you appear messy. It is usually easy to get caught up in the moment, prompting you to have all of your precious jewels on you. However, the sparkle of your dress and wedding ring are more than enough to draw the appropriate attention to you on your wedding day.

However, you can cleverly mix gold and silver for better results. If you are spoilt for choice between different colour designs, settle for a blend of the best two that match your dress.

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These are some of the insightful things to remember when picking out your wedding jewellery. Choosing a subtle piece of jewellery that you can wear after the wedding is important. Thus, each time you slip them on, you will reminisce about the wonderful moments you had on your wedding day.

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Written by Bobby. Produced by Jessica Kennedy.