Wedding day ready- From Head to Toe


The big day is almost here, you are finished with the planning part, the venue is booked, caterer chosen and flowers ordered. There is nothing else to worry about, the band has confirmed and your choice of wedding cake couldn't be better. It is time to devote all the attention to the most important person, yourself, the bride.


You deserve to feel fantastic on your wedding day, so splurge and pamper yourself from head to toe.

A fantastic mani and padi


Just imagine, a close up of you holding the bouquet, or of your partner putting a ring on your finger, of course your hands need to look flawless. Opt for medium length nails that look sophisticated and stylish. When it comes to color,  pastels or french tips are the perfect choice, moderate, simple yet stunning. Even if you opt for closed toe stilettos you still need to treat yourself to a fantastic pedicure. You will spend most of the day on your feet so why not get them pampered before the festivities. And it is always a good idea to have perfect toes, who knows maybe you’ll opt to go barefoot at one point in the day.

Memorable hairdo


Of course you want to have show stopping hair for your big day. Remember, it is imperative that you take into consideration your wedding dress design when choosing the perfect hairstyle. So get your hairdresser to give you some suggestions based on the neckline, material and veil. Don’t worry, in case you want a style that requires lengthier hair you can always opt for hair extensions that are bound to provide you with the length and volume necessary to pull of any hairstyle you have envisioned. Bare in mind that it would not be a bad idea to have your hairdresser on call in case you need a touch up just before walking down the aisle, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. 

The perfect face


A visit to the beautician at least a week prior to your wedding day is a must, your skin needs to be fresh and rejuvenated, but it will also require time to recuperate after the treatments so you should choose the ideal time to make the appointment. Make sure you use natural beauty products in order to assure the ultimate pampering experience. Get a good night's sleep and apply eye cream before going to bed, the day of the wedding opt for cool compressor  to refresh the area around your eyes, then leave the rest to your make up artist. Just make sure you have collaborated with them prior to the wedding, and that you have had a trial run with the make up style so as to get the perfect result on your big day. Your makeup style need to complement your dress as well as you hair. 

Your desired figure


You haven't left the gym for the past few months working hard on that perfect figure so that you are absolutely satisfied with the way your wedding dress fits. Trust us, on the day of the wedding you are bound to feel bloated, uncertain and insecure. Those are the nerves, your body is perfect, and there are the little tricks that will help you feel fantastic. First, opt for sexy lingerie, just knowing you have it on under your wedding dress will be a huge confidence boost. Secondly, get your secret weapon - spanks - if the Kardashians wear it so can you. It will provide additional support for your perfect figure and you won’t be able to see the nonexistent imperfections that you have convinced yourself you have. There you go, the perfect wedding body ready to go, and don’t forget your dream wedding stilettos are bound to elongate your form thus helping your dress fall perfectly and providing you with a regal look.


You are ready to walk down that aisle towards your partner and to begin the biggest adventure of your life with them. Remember, to your love you look perfect and that is just how you should feel on your wedding day, so leave all the little insecurities at home. You have only to let yourself be pampered and transformed into the stunning bride that you are. 

Written by Brigitte Evans from