Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Cherish

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Wedding planning is no small feat, and it’s a process that lasts for months, or even years. If you’re at an age when you’re getting married, you’re probably also going to a lot of weddings. What are your favorite parts? What do you absolutely hate? Visiting a lot of weddings is a great way to figure out what you want for your own wedding, including the things you bring back with you: wedding favors. It’s the thing that everyone will keep and love – if it’s any good. Now, you don’t have to give them a key to a car to make them remember you, but a personalized key chain? Now we’re talking.

Personal stamp

The one thing you want to avoid is giving your guests a favor that they will love and keep, but will forget where they got it in a few months. Now, of course, this doesn’t mean you should put your faces all over the party favors, because that’s one way to make sure nobody is going to be using or displaying them, but think in the direction of making a recognizable mark. Perhaps a logo, a symbol or a drawing that represent the two of you: a combination of your names or initials, a caricature drawing or just a symbol you both connect with. Use this in all of your invitations, menus and in décor to make sure it gets noticed. This allows you to take a seemingly ordinary gift and make it special.

Make it functional

People like gifts that they can actually use. Giving them a framed picture or a cute letter is a good way to make sure the gift ends up at a bottom of a drawer, never to be seen. If you do want to opt for decorative, think decorative with use: tea towels, stickers, fridge magnets, phone cases, etc. Things can be both decorative and functional, and that’s really what you should be aiming for. When discussing quality, get the best that you can in your price range. Often if you talk to the manufacturer directly, they are willing to give you a discount on a bigger order. You really don’t want to give your guests a beautiful, personalized bottle opener – and then have it break the first time they try to use it. If getting better quality means putting less things in the goody basket, go for it, it’s worth it.

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Too many people leave planning the party favors at the end of the task list, meaning that by the time they are taken into consideration, there is no time to custom make something, or even hand-write the notes. One way you can definitely stand out is getting unique gifts for all of your guests, really taking time to consider what each person would love. This, of course, isn’t realistic for big weddings, but if you’re having a smaller crown of meaningful people attend the party, then this is one good way to show them that they really are important to you and that you know what they like.

Something that brings them all together

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A great idea is to give a gift that will bring all of your guests together once again, or perhaps again and again. The favor can be a voucher for a movie taking place a week after the wedding, or a local wine tasting festival. It is the perfect time for people to come together and share their thoughts about the wedding, meet once again with the people they didn’t have time to exchange phone numbers with and just hang out. Time it so that you aren’t on your honeymoon at the time, because a lot of those guests will want to see you again. Or, you can make an event just for your guests and Skype in for an hour from your honeymoon.

Something for the wedding

Ever thought about giving out wedding favors at the start of the wedding? Well, maybe you should. Create little packages of things that everyone can find useful and that will bring everyone together. Depending on your theme, these can be party hats, pins, makeup, wigs or anything else that people can put on as soon as they arrive to have a fun time, and then take home for future use. It doesn’t have to be goofy, either, you can gift shawls and ties for your guests to all match and look very elegant.

A good party favor is really one that shows that you care and that you put thought into. There’s nothing worse than a favor that is there just because everyone says that weddings need to have favors, not because you actually want to put time into it. Try to hand-write thank you notes for the favors, and sign them to let your guests know that you really do hope they had a nice time.

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