3 Engagement Ring Trends for Brides-to-Be

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Engagement rings hold a special place in women's hearts. Carefully selecting an engagement ring is important. The ring symbolises the commitment between you and your soon-to-be partner in life and your special journey together.

If you need help choosing a ring for your future wife, below is a list of trendy engagement ring designs for your reference:

1. Three-Stone Engagement Rings

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This ring design suddenly went into fashion after Meghan Markle's engagement with Prince Harry. Exuding elegance, grace and a touch of minimalism, this engagement ring has a classic appearance. Its defining feature is a large centrepiece gemstone, flanked by small equally-sized gemstones and securely supported by a claw-like prong on both sides. 

There is no set standard for this timeless jewellery. It can customised according to buyer preference. The design looks more sophisticated on diamond engagement rings, however. 

2. Accented Styles

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The accented style has stood the test of time. Most accented engagement rings have a big diamond gemstone at the centre while tiny gemstones surround the entire ring band. At times, artisans place a metal around the centre stone to enhance its sparkle or make it look more impressive. 

If your bride is fond of elaborate styles or sparkly gemstones, then choosing an accented engagement ring should make her happy. Accents can also be done by adding extra layers of gemstones or metallic artwork.

3. Rose Gold Shades

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Some years ago, rose gold captured the world's attention as a unique colour shade that perfectly combines soft femininity with glowing elegance. From gadgets to accessories, this one-of-a-kind shade has also found its way into the hearts of future brides. 

Now a trendy and celebrated colour for any engagement ring or wedding band design, many women continue to express their love for rose gold. Hailed as one of the world's most flattering shades, rose gold highlights feminine qualities and gives its wearers that extra radiance. 

As you strive to walk on a path of beauty and lasting happiness, find an engagement ring that best represents your feelings for the woman of your dreams. The ideal engagement ring should also be a reflection of your lady love's uniqueness. Choose a ring that brings out her distinct character to let her know just how much you cherish her. 

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