Wedding Emergency Kit Ideas for the Bride and Her Bridesmaids

When it finally comes to the big day, it’s no shock that things can get a bit hectic for the bride and her bridal party, but it doesn’t have to be. To ensure that the day goes smoothly, creating a Wedding Emergency Kit filled with helpful items is a great idea to have on hand the day of the wedding. This kit will help you have that memorable wedding without any of the disruptions. To prepare you and your bridal party for any unexpected bumps in the road, here are some ideas to pack in your Wedding Emergency Kit!


Snacks & Water

The first and most important items to include in your kit should be snacks and water to sustain energy throughout the day. It’s a big day for you and can get overwhelming at times causing you to forget to eat or drink throughout the day. Have snacks high in protein and plenty of water so that nobody passes out or gets dehydrated. No one wants to be around a hangry bride or bridesmaid!

Perfume & Deodorant

 A big day filled with running around and nerves can make you and your party a little sweaty. Packing mini body sprays and deodorant sticks will make it easy for you and your bridal party to freshen up quickly. If you feel you’ll sweat a lot, especially if your wedding is outdoors on a hot day, there are plenty of ways to freshen up quickly without a shower!


Hair Accessories

Hair brushes, bobby pins, hair spray, and hair ties are all crucial to pack in your kits. You will wish you had all of these when looking back on pictures and notice that random strand of hair hanging. It’s better to have these on hand for any hair mishaps that might happen throughout the day.



Needle and Thread 

Packing a needle and thread is crucial. Make sure to pack the colour of your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for an easy fix of any snags that happen throughout the day. It’ll be a quick fix, and no one will realize anything went wrong in the first place.


Mints & Floss

 Wedding days involve a lot of talking, whether it be giving a speech or talking to all of the guests. Pack plenty of mints and floss so that no one has to worry about smelly breath or having food stuck in their teeth in photos. There are even mouthwash tablets to quickly freshen up your whole mouth. Chapstick would also be a great addition to add here to prevent your lips from getting dry. 


 Mini First Aid Kit

 A mini first aid kit is a great idea to include in your wedding emergency kit! Pack it with band-aids, burn relief, eye drops, etc. This will give you some peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen to you or your bridal party, you have the essentials.


To help with any ailments that may happen during the wedding, medications such as ibuprofen and allergy medicine are great to include in your kit just in case. It’s also good to remind your bridal party to bring any medications they take on a daily basis, such as prescribed birth control, an inhaler, or EpiPen. 

Stain Remover 

Bringing something like a stain remover stick could really save the day! There’s no preventing a spill, but there is a way to fix it if it does happen. For the bride, white chalk is another great fix to cover up the stain without anyone noticing. For more last-minute stain removing tips, go here!

 Travel Size Makeup

Even the best beauty gurus need to touch up their makeup throughout the day, especially when you’re wearing more makeup than usual. Be sure to pack a good blotting powder, bronzer, lipstick, and anything else you think you and your bridal party would like. Having travel size makeup will make touch-ups a breeze.