How To Personalise Your Wedding For Your Guests

Brisbane Wedding Indooroopilly Ceremony

 As much as this is your day, and no one will take that away from you or upstage you, the one thing you shouldn’t place at the bottom of the list is your guests. After all, these people make the wedding what it is – with their presence, their energy, and hence deserve to be honored. They are there to celebrate and witness your commitment; therefore, their happiness, joy and of course, thoughtful party favors should be near the top of your priority list. 

Just in case you’re swamped planning all the other details of your wedding, such as the photography, the perfect venue, catering, décor and wedding attireand beauty department, we’re here with an incredible list of thoughtful ideas that will make your guests feel highly cherished. It’s time to show them how much their presence means to you. 

Starting before the beginning 

Brisbane Wedding Indooroopilly Ceremony

The best way to set a personal tone long before the wedding is with personalized save the date cards and/or invitations. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t have to break the bank. You can choose the cards and invites that speak to your personality, but you can perhaps include a hand-written note with an inside joke or something sentimental to each of your guests, or even include a photo in the envelope to show them that this particular invite was meant just for them. 

The mandatory step 

Instead of simply placing numbers on the tables, walk the extra mile and have individual place cards with everyone’s name on them. You may not think these things matter all that much, but they show your guests that you’ve thought of them and made sure they sit at the best place for them. Also, take your time with the seating chart and ensure that all the people who are placed together are in friendly terms. This will make the conversation flow, and people will have much more fun when they’re seated next to someone they know and love. 

The little things that mean the world 

Whether you are planning on a big or a small wedding, centerpiecesare a must-have. However, instead of the uniformed centerpieces, perhaps you can dig through your memories and think which flowers are your guests’ favorites. Of course, you don’t want to throw off the entire color palette by having completely different centerpieces, but compromise can always be found. If you’re for instance, going for white flowers, make sure you go for a variety in terms of the types of flowers so every table feels like you did something special for them. 

To cherish and to use 

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Party favors should never be chosen at the last minute. Trust us, when you do something at quarter to twelve, it shows, and your guests will know it. There are tons of gorgeous party favor ideas, from personalized phone cases, magnets they can put on their fridge, a voucher for an upcoming event. Another amazing idea, that is both practical, useful and meaningful if quality cosmetics packages placed in gorgeous gift bags. 

If you’re throwing a French-themed wedding, for instance, the venue will probably have an abundance of French things like lavender, chic tablecloths, stemless wine glasses and all things French. To give them a little touch of Provence to take home, hand or facial creams, body mists or massage oils from the incredible L’Occitane linewill make for a perfect wedding memento. For the gentlemen, you can incorporate shaving creams or a fragrance – all depending on your knowledge of their taste. It will be a gift that will remind them of the gorgeous day every time they use it, and they will use it frequently. 

An extra dose of personalized fun 

Brisbane Wedding Indooroopilly Ceremony

Sure, eventually, when you get to it, you will send your guests your wedding photos via email. However, people love to have an instant memento they can take home, which is why renting out a photo booth is an awesome investment. They can take silly photos with different masks and goofy props, and even the two of you can pop inside the booth and be in the photos as well. Make sure you stock up on those masks and props, because trust us, there will be people who will want to take them home. 

Last, but not least 

Traditionally, weddings include a plethora of people from different generations and different tastes in music. We know it’s your day and you want the kind of music that the two of you can dance it out to, but don’t be oblivious to your guest’s desires too. If some oldies should be included for all the moms, grandparents and cousins, so be it. The playlist should include more than the top 50 dance hits. In this aspect, you should be a people pleaser and have everyone’s music taste in mind. In the end, you want a full dancefloor of happy people having fun, correct? Well, then pay special attention to your wedding playlist

Giving back to those who came to celebrate you on one of the biggest days of your life isn’t difficult. It simply takes a little consideration and attention to detail. If you can plan an entire wedding from scratch, you can include these little things as well. It won’t hurt you, but it will show your guests just how much you appreciate them being there.  

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