How to Have a Minimum-Stress Wedding Day

Brisbane Wedding Ceremony Garden Venue Indooroopilly Reception

Being a bride is stressful, there’s no going around it. You’ll find yourself stressing over everything from your desired venue not being available on your desired date to not knowing which shoes better fit your dress. Some of these stresses wouldn’t even come up if it weren’t for the pre-wedding nerves and jitters, while others are actual problems that come up during wedding planning and are just par for the course. But when the actual big day arrives, you don’t want to have any of that stress on your mind. Here’s how to achieve a (nearly) stress-free wedding day:

Prepare everything

Absolutely everything. Think about who is going to lay out the napkins and whether or not they know where you put them. Walk everyone through how the ceremony is going to go and all the things you imagined happening. Make sure that everyone you’re responsible for has their clothes laid out for them, know their appointments by heart and have about three people reminding them of everything they need to know. Don’t leave writing your vowsor taking care of “last-minute details” the night before – or worse, the day of. The last minute details should have been worked out a week ago, and when you wake up on the morning of your wedding, you are going to be a queen.

Brisbane Wedding Ceremony Garden Venue Indooroopilly Reception


You really shouldn’t have to do everything by yourself, especially not on your wedding day. This can be an issue for brides that are perfectionists and can’t fully trust anyone else with important responsibilities. But your wedding day is the one time when you really should let go. Have a close family member greet the hair and makeup artists, let them make you breakfast and if there is anything you need, let them know. The people around you on that day want it to be perfect just as much as you do, so let them.


You want to look your best on that special day. Last minute makeup tricks won’t always do the trick. It is all about preparation. Make sure you modify your nutrition weeks before the big day, that way your body will have time to detox and your skin will look far better. Use quality hydration skincare to keep your skin elastic and hydrated. Finally, stay away from alcoholic beverage as they tend to dry out your skin. And in case you want to undergo a cosmetic treatment, do it weeks in advance so that your skin has time to heal. All this prep will ensure that you glow on your wedding day, both literally and figuratively. 

Rely on your squad

Brisbane Wedding Ceremony Garden Venue Indooroopilly Reception

Talking about delegating, you have a whole flock of bridesmaids there with you, and they are the people you’ve handpicked to be by your side throughout that day. Let them pamper you. They’ve been through the planning process with you for all those months and they are here today. You can trust them that the bridesmaid dresses that you picked are all ready and styled perfectly, with just enough personality for each of them. You can count on them to have a glass of champagne ready for you whenever you’re in doubt. Most of all, you can trust them to be prepared: purses full of bobby pins, makeup, wet wipes, tissues, stain remover, aspirin, band-aid and needles and threads and anything else that you might need throughout the day. They’ve got you covered, so relax.


There’s nothing better to beat the stress than deep breaths. In the hustle and bustle of the day, you might just get too full of the noise, the people and the general chaos around you. This is the time when you need to be alone for a while. Find an empty room, where you are safe from all of the noise and interruption and just breathe. Remind yourself of your love towards your significant other and how happy you are for the day. You can also try practicing some yoga or fill up a relaxing bath. Anything that will help you unwind and think. Most people say that during their wedding day, they didn’t have time to think about anything, they were just going through the motions – so don’t make that mistake. Be present, be mindful, because this is a beautiful day and you have prepared it all for yourself first.

Brisbane Wedding Ceremony Garden Venue Indooroopilly Reception

Be a guest

You’ve been the host for long enough. You’ve planned, tasted, arranged and did everything to make sure that everyone’s having a good time. Now, it’s time to have a good time. Be a guest at your own wedding. Eat the food, get drunk, dance with your friends to the music you’ve so carefully picked out and just make it a day you’re going to look back on with joy. This might be a chance to see and talk to people who you don’t get to spend a lot of time with, because they live far away or you’ve grown distant. Reconnect, fill yourself with love and let happiness overflow the nerves.

And if the stress gets to you, if everything seems too much and you’re seeing too many imperfections everywhere – you have not just your favorite person by your side, but a room full of people who love you. Find comfort in them, see if they can help you or if they can take your mind off that and get you feeling good again. If there is one thing that can be guaranteed for your wedding day, it’s that you’re not alone, so if you can’t get rid of the nerves, you can share them, and everything will feel easier once you get that off your chest.

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