7 Ways To Throw a Memorable Engagement Party

Brisbane Indooroopilly Wedding Ceremony Function Reception Garden Venue

Now that you’ve finally said yes, excitement can begin! There’s a while until the wedding comes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy a little party time before the big day. If you’re intent on throwing the greatest engagement party that ever happened, you have to learn a few tricks to keep all your guests happy, and we’re here to offer some insight. 

Ready to celebrate you and your partner as a couple? Then here’s how to make a fun event and make your engagement truly memorable. 

  1. Start by deciding who does what

By tradition, the bride’s parents are usually the ones to host the party, however this doesn’t have to be the case at all. You can have the groom’s parents host it if they feel eager to, or you can be the one to host it with your partner. Even a friend or a relative can take on this role because the only important thing is that it’s done by a person who’s actually eager to do it. Talk to your friends and family and let them know that you’d like an engagement party, and then make sure that there’s only one person in charge of it. The rest can help, but don’t allow any arguments over who does what. That way, you’ll be encouraging peace and joy instead of bickering. 

2. Pick a theme

Brisbane Indooroopilly Wedding Ceremony Function Reception Garden Venue

After your engagement, you probably immediately started planning the wedding itself. You’ve been browsing dresses and venues, and maybe you’ve even found some beautiful custom wedding rings online that you’re eager to get. The point is, you already have a good idea of what the wedding theme is going to be. So, why not apply that to the engagement party as well? Maybe you want to stick to very traditional things, or perhaps you want to wear a 20s-style dress and pretend you’re in the Gatsby era, or maybe you’re going for a fairytale vibe. If you know what you want, feel free to give your guests a tiny preview of the big event by matching your engagement party to it.

3. Find a fun location

A small intimate affair at your parent’s house is a great option, but you can also pick a different location. A cocktail bar will give you a nice, relaxed atmosphere, while a good restaurant can make it very sophisticated. You should also consider the venue you wanted to choose for the wedding itself—after all, this is a great way to test it out.  

Brisbane Indooroopilly Wedding Ceremony Function Reception Garden Venue

4. Make sure the food and drinks are exceptional

You want to make your guests happy? Then feed them! There’s nothing like a good, hearty feast to make everyone pleasantly relaxed, and if you add booze to it, you’ll make sure they feel silly, joyful, and eager to wish you luck. Make sure to pay attention to special dietary needs by including at least one good vegan dish into the mix. Here are some great recipes that you can try for the party. 

5. Prepare some games

Games are a good way to break the ice, and if you pick the right ones, it can get people to talk and mingle with each other. For example, you can send your guests off to a “ring hunt” by hiding plastic rings all over the room and giving a gift to the one who collects the most. You can also organize a funny photo station by getting a bunch of silly props—crowns, feather boas, hats, masks, and anything else you can think of. Pull out your phone and start snapping pictures, and the guest who manages to make the funniest or the most interesting photo wins! Another cute idea is to make a Mad Lib sheet of how you and your partner met. Leave the blanks for the guests to fill out, and then read them all out loud. Everyone is bound to laugh! 

6. Consider party favours

This is definitely optional, but a lot of couples love the idea of thanking their guests with a small gift. Something as small as a bag of candy is a really lovely, thoughtful present, but you can also bake them cookies, make them jam and put it in small jars, or do any other thing that’s within your budget. Remember, there’s no need for extravagance here, merely some mindfulness and love. 

Brisbane Indooroopilly Wedding Ceremony Function Reception Garden Venue

7. Leave out a journal

Leave a big, blank book on a visible place in the room and let your guests know they can write any kind of message they like. Relationship advice, wedding tips, encouragements, silly jokes, words of love, or simple good wishes are all appreciated. Once the guests leave, you can read what they wrote down and enjoy it with your partner. 


This is the time for the two of you to show everyone how in love you are. Let you and your friends and family celebrate this joyful moment with the help of our tips, and you’re bound to make a memorable engagement party!

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