Top Millennial Trends to Have a Wedding in Style

Each wedding is unique. And every year the wedding trends change. It’s as if there are new inputs all the time to consider for your wedding. Whatever the trends may be, the goal is to have a wedding in style.


These days, wedding millennial trends are becoming more and more common. And couples are looking for more ways to get married that aren’t cookie-cutteror copying anyone else. Trends can include: how you choose your dress, the bouquet, the venue, and even the food. If you happen to be planning for a wedding, there are a lot of items to offer to consider.


If you plan to wed, or you are a wedding planner, these top millennial trends will help you achieve your dream wedding in style.

Classic Paper Invitations

Wedding invitations make the entire event more exciting, real and in reach. These days, you  can customise your wedding invites according to your preference, taste and budget.


Jay Flood of Noosa Style Ceremonies agrees and says that, “Not all wedding invitations are created equal. When you meet with your stationery contact or browse invitations online, you will be met with a wide variety of paper and printing options from which to choose. I recommend matching your invitations with your wedding theme to create a sense of unity, and design that flows across each aspect of your special day.” 


The following types of paper are commonly utilised for millennial wedding invitations:

-      Recycled Paper

-      Linen Finish

-      Cotton Fibre

-      Glassine

-      Vellum


But that’s not your only decision to make. To complete the package, a paper should have the print. Your invitation details can be printed in several ways. Here are some printing styles that you can consider:


-      Letterpress

-      Engraving

-      Foil Stamping

-      Digital


Crowns and Tiaras

Another millennial trend that you will often see in weddings these days is the use of crowns and tiaras. Brides are turning heads with these 2019 wedding essentials. Instead of wearing the conventional veils, brides are going for tiaras and crowns to showcase their unique personality and style. Why not consider pairing a tiara with the increasingly popular natural lookon your big day?


Wedding photography experts, Strong Images, have seen the use of tiaras increase over the past 12 months, saying, “the tiara is a historical favourite of brides across the globe. When accessorised well, a tiara can be a subtle and sophisticated addition to your bridal outfit, without stealing your spotlight or bling-blinding photographers. And that’s why we’re seeing more in 2019.”


Here are some suggestions for wedding tiaras that are timeless and are charms to look at:

-       Regal

-       Georgian Inspired

-       Vintage looking

-       Roman design


The Venue

Of course, a wedding is not complete without the venue. Many millennial weddings are now met with stylish wedding set-up. Several wedding venues can be made magical by wedding experts.


Whether you want a secluded garden ceremony, an elegantly designed venue, or space for a plan B incase of rain, creative wedding venues are becoming seen more often in millennial weddings. 


According to small loans experts, Max Funding, more and more couples are turning to small loans to secure their dream venues, saying“millennial couples don’t want to compromise on their vision, and this has led to an increase in the number of people requesting additional capital. When this loan is managed properly it can give couples the dream wedding they want and avoid a lifetime of regret.”


So get it on! If you are at a loss as to what venues to consider, here are some wedding venue styles that you can choose from:

-       Garden Wedding Venue

-       Beach Venue

-       Natural Woods

-       An elegant function room



 If there’s one thing that is commonly seen at weddings, it is the flower arrangement. Flowers give the celebration a unique touch. Brides are seen bringing flowers that are arranged perfectly to vibe with the dress.


Traditionally, most bouquets consist of white flowers. As time went by, the flower arrangements became more and more colourful with your choice of colours depending on your desires. 


Wedding celebrant, Margaret Milne,points out that, “When it comes to wedding outfits, we're usually preoccupied with dresses, shoes, jewellery and beauty. But there can be no understating the impact of a good bouquet. The days of perfectly domed and sweetly shaped bouquets are over. The latest wedding bouquet trend is all about getting wild, untamed and free. Mixing and matching competing flowers, large foliage and wild branches creates a whimsy effect perfect for the relaxed bride.”


That said, here are ideas of wedding bouquets to check out to have a wedding in style:

-       Asymmetric design

-       A bouquet of Baby’s Breath 

-       Cotton inspired

-       Long-stemmed bouquet

-       greens


My Thoughts

A wedding is one of the most special days for everybody. But most of all for you!

You tie the knot with the love of your life, and what’s more memorable than that? 

The best way to make your big day memorable is to make it worthwhile. 

 If having a wedding that’s filled with style is interesting and engaging to you, then these millennial trends will help you make your big day one you will never forget. 


Author Bio

Charlie Wilson is an Australian writer, and Advertising and Design student, living in Melbourne. He is passionate about organising events. Charlie also has a love for animal welfare, regularly taking breaks from work to volunteer with the local pet rescue.