Aussie Bride Beauty Checklist

Nothing like a wedding to make us want to indulge in a ton of pampering and make sure we look our best. It’s our big day after all, and a bride knows how important it is to feel good in your own skin if you want to shine on all the wedding photos and have a truly memorable ceremony. But how do we prep for the event and what will we need to look spectacular? For Aussie brides and those inspired by their beauty, here’s a list of exactly the things you’ll need to make sure you are gorgeous, relaxed, and totally ready. 

Image: Omar Lopez

Image: Omar Lopez

Start a workout challenge

Now you have the perfect thing to motivate you! The sooner you start, the better results you’ll get, and if you want to get all firm and toned, pick a workout challenge that you can easily fit into your daily schedule. 

Try cooking more often

Same as with exercise, the sooner you start, the better you’ll feel when the big day finally comes. Also, if you’ve got pounds to shed, it’s much better to do it slowly and steadily than to starve yourself a month before the wedding. Cut down on sugar and processed junk, eat a ton more veggies and cook whenever you can to make sure you always have a healthy meal on your hands.

Consider laser hair removal

This is definitely optional, but it’s a very, very popular procedure in Australia and it’s worth it in the long run. We recommend that you start doing it at least six months before the wedding because it actually takes several treatments to get full results. That way you won’t have to fuss much with unwanted hair and you’ll feel more relaxed both on your wedding day and on your honeymoon. 

Visit your dermatologist as soon as possible

Image: Davids Kokainis

Image: Davids Kokainis

If you’ve got any skin issues, it’s important to address them early so you’d have enough time to deal with them. Acne and wrinkles can be made a lot better if you’re given the proper treatment to deal with them, so schedule an appointment with your doctor and see what they can recommend. In Australia, sun spots are a common problem, so getting professional pigmentation treatment in Sydney is something brides always do before the big day. If you’ve got scarring or spots that you want gone, this can help you out a lot. You can also consider chemical peels and microdermabrasion as a way to smooth out texture and have taut, glowing skin. 

Get regular with your skincare

Now that you’ve got your doctor prescribed treatments and recommendations, it’s time to put it all to good use. Nothing will work unless you are consistent, so forget about lazy days where you go to bed with makeup still on and skipping on moisturizing and cleansing. Seriously, a regular skincare routine is all you need to look radiant, and it will help if you incorporate a good vitamin C serum and remember to wear sunscreen every day. 

Waxing on time

If laser hair removal wasn’t within your budget or you just didn’t have time for it, remember to wax about a week before the wedding. You should also get your eyebrows done around this time as well.

Dry brushing and tanning

Once hair is out of the way, you can apply self-tanner in case you want a summery glow on your skin. Before you do that, we recommend exfoliating with a brush. Do this before you take a shower, just slough away dead cells while the skin is still dry. Once you’re done with the shower, make sure to take proper steps when applying self-tanner so you wouldn’t end up looking patchy. You can renew your tan two-three days before the wedding.

Manicure and pedicure

Do this a few days before the wedding so you won’t have to rush it. Pick some nice, natural shades and make sure that the manicure is long-lasting and that it won’t chip easily.

Image: Allef Vinicius

Image: Allef Vinicius

Hair and face

The evening before the wedding is the perfect time to grab a good hair pack and nourish your hair, and to sit down and relax with a good sheet mask on your face. Rub in a body lotion into your skin and simply take some time to really let go of the stress and feel happy about what’s coming tomorrow. 

A little note about makeup

If a professional is doing your makeup, then make sure you have try-out sessions so you could really pick the look that suits you the best. If you plan to do it on your own, then start practicing months before so you could get the look down perfectly. 


One last tip before we go would be to pay attention to stress management. A big, happy event is coming your way, and stress will only mar the joy of it. So, get regular massages, do yoga, meditate, and start looking forward to the wedding! 


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