10 Things to Put on Your Honeymoon Packing List

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Now that the wedding euphoria is officially over, you and your hubby can finally concentrate on your first vacay preps as a married couple, and you don’t want to miss some of the things we’ve listed here. 

A pouch will do

If you are heading to an exotic destination, then packing the whole makeup kit is complete nonsense. You don’t need a lot of makeup for hot weather as your face can turn runny, and you’ll eventually end up using only three or four products. It would be best if you could go for the products that will give you a healthy glow and make you look fresh all the time. Take a mascara, an SPF cream, a bronzer and some sheer lipgloss, and you’ll look like the goddess you are. Also, a seductive fragrance is likely to spice up your first days of marriage.

Great hair do care

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If you want to avoid looking like Monica from the episode of ‘Friends’ where she had her hair all frizzy due to humidity, then don’t rely on your hotel room’s hair dryers, ‘cause they will probably do the same to your hair. Since you can’t bring your hair stylist to third wheel your honeymoon, and do your hair at the same time, having a hair straightener or a curling wand would save the day. However, a quality hair dryer is more important, so you won’t have to overpack your suitcase with both of the hot tools. You can easily get your hair straight while blow drying and combing at the same time. 

Travel iron

We are all familiar with that horrible feeling of seeing our clothes wrinkled when the vacay hasn’t even started yet. No matter how well you’ve organized your luggage, wrinkles are inevitable and are there to remind us our holiday can suck, too. Therefore, a mini iron could be your lifesaver, as they are very compact and won’t use too much space.

Bathing suit

Regardless of the destination, there will always be a pool where you can hang out and drink cocktails, or a spa center where you two lovebirds can spend a romantic evening. Look for swimwear that emphasizes your best features and conceals the flaws. A one-piece is a good choice, and if you are already sunkissed, then opt for bright colors like hot red, tangerine, or yellow.

Instant Polaroid camera

I’m sure you’ll want to capture every single moment spent with your bae. This cool, retro gadget lets you have physical photos that will make your memories last forever, and you can make a small photo album afterwards. You can also keep some of the dearest photos in your wallet, which will always remind you of your perfect honeymoon.

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Some light-literature would do, especially when you want to switch off from the world.

Insect repellent

Although this doesn’t blend with our sexy essentials list, you’d certainly want to escape the ‘I told you so’ line from your mom when you get back home. An insect repellent spray is a must-have, and it’s suitable for a couple traveling anywhere tropical. It is extremely efficient on ticks, mosquitos or anything that bites. So, be smart and better get yourself one, before the annoying bugs get you.

Nail tools

Since you’re gonna be around water too much, you don’t want to risk your nails getting chipped and nasty. 

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Surprise him with some fierce outfits

Considering you’re newlyweds now, every night should be a special date night. That’s why you have to make a few killer combinations that will leave him speechless. Think in advance what clothes you’ll be wearing each night and make it sultry! 

So, looking forward to your ‘luna de miel’? If so, take some of these things into account and thank us later.

This article is written by Brigitte Evans from highstylife.com