A Guide To Grooming for The Groom

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As the groom, the effort you need to put into looking your best for the big day might not seem too stressful. After all, the focus of most of your wedding guests is going to be on your beautiful, blushing bride, who has no doubt read up on every beauty checklist she could find. 

However, while all eyes are going to be on her, it’s important to remember that she’ll only have eyes for you. It’s the moment that she’ll remember forever - the day that you both vowed to love each other forever, in good times and in bad. You’ll want to make sure that the picture she saves in her memory is a good one.

Here are some tips to make sure you look sharp. 

Get Fit

If you have a few months before your nuptials, set some fitness goals for yourself and get into a workout routine. Getting in shape does more than help you tone up or slim down, it helps to boost your confidence and works as an effective stress reliever. Your workout could be as simple as going for a walk on lunch, or as intensive as setting up time with a personal trainer. It all depends on the goals that you set for yourself. Plus, if your bride-to-be is looking for ways to slim down and fit into her dream dress, developing a fitness plan can be something you do together!

Take Care of Your Skin      

 Skincare is essential in looking and feeling your best. The last thing you want is to be dealing with a stress-induced breakout on the day of your wedding. Take steps to maintain a clear complexion by making sure to follow a regular skin care routine with a standard facial cleanser and moisturizer. If you can, try not to use any new products too soon before you say your ‘I do’s’, since a change in product can cause more breakouts.

For many men, shaving is another component in taking care of their skin. Since your bride-to-be probably doesn’t have experience in best practices for facial shaving, it’s mostly up to you to make sure that you shave properly. Improper shaving practices can cause you to breakout, so it’s important that you alternate out your razor every 6-8 weeks, store it in a dry place away from your shower to avoid bacteria build-up caused by water exposure, and properly navigate the grains of your facial hair. 

The Small Details Matter Most

As the groom, you don’t generally have to worry about a range of dress options since your go-to is going to be a simple black tuxedo. With your outfit pretty much decided, the small details in your appearance are what truly matters. This means making sure that your teeth, nails and eyebrows are all groomed to perfection. 

Imagine it’s time to complete your vows and have your bride put on your wedding ring only for her to see your dirty fingernails - yuck! Make a spa day with your bride-to-be and treat yourself to a mani-pedi. If you want to save money, try having a DIY beauty night at home. Also, consider switching out your toothpaste for one with whitening qualities or trying out whitening strips.

While everyone’s telling the bride she looks like a princess - you’ll look like the proper prince she deserves.